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Primary School 


Word Poster (Using KeyNote to create word posters) 

Visual Note-Taking (Using Notes to do visual Note-Taking)

Research on Local Heroes (Create a Videos In Clips)

Recap on Learning (Using Keynote to Create Flashcards)

Prepare Background Information (Using Notes to Gather Information)

Poster Summary (Use Clips as a reflection tool)

Oral Reading (Use Live Titles In Clips)

Describe Emotions (Do Creative Writing with Pages)

KWL Chart (Create A Collabortive Chart With Friends)

Explain Prepositions (Using Keynote to create GIF)

Descriptive Reading (Create A Scene Through AR Makr)

Compiling Research on a Topic (Using Garage Band to record a Podcast)

Ask Meaningful Questions (Using FaceTime to Engage in Communication)

Collaborative Work (Using Numbers to Brainstorm Ideas)

Close Reading and Viewing (Use Markup Colours to Enhance Learning)

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