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Events & Workshops

Join our workshops specially curated for Singapore educators. Hear from thought leaders and network across schools to learn how you can create your teaching and learning resources. Be part of a larger community of practitioners!

Designed to help education leaders imagine new possibilities for teaching and learning through the development of a plan that supports their vision.

Leadership Planning Session

iPad Learning Experience

A pilot for the school community to experience the positive impact of teaching and learning with the use of iPad. With the support of the Professional Learning Specialist and Systems Engineer, educators and the IT team will become proficient and productive with the use of iPads for teaching and learning in the classroom.

Learning with iPad

A workshop to help educators become proficient and productive with features of the iPad, confident with creating content using Apple apps, and be good role models for purposeful integration of technology into learning.

Professional Learning Community

The iPad Professional Learning Community brings together educators from schools using iPads for a series of sharing on best practices, and round table discussions. Join us as we delve into various topics and come network with fellow educators.

Technical Readiness Session

Enable your technical team to be able to deploy and manage devices effectively in your school. Learn how it’s easier than ever to provide your students and staff with access to key Apple services for teaching and learning.

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