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Why choose iPad?

Here are 10 reasons why!


Your school will have access to a dedicated education team that includes experienced educators and professional learning consultants to help you plan and deliver the best technology-enhanced learning experiences when you choose iPad.


Education should be accessible to everyone. iPad is designed with built-in vision, mobility, hearing and cognitive features that are great for all students, empowering them to explore, create and learn in ways that are as unique as they are. Learn more>


iPad is the perfect device for the apps and workflows students and teachers depend on, including Google Workspace for Education, Microsoft 365, and many of today’s common learning management systems. And the Files app on iPad makes it easy to access files from USB drives and cloud services all in one place.

Apple designs products that leave the world better than we found it. By choosing Apple, you’re investing in easy-to-use tools that are good for students — and good for the planet. Apple has been carbon‑neutral since 2020. By 2030, all our products will be too. Learn more>


Apple designs every product from the ground up with security in mind to keep student and teacher data safe. Built-in privacy features protect personal information and empower every user to choose what they share and who they share it with. Learn more>


Augmented Reality on the iPad transforms how you learn, work, and connect with the world around you. It’s the perfect way to visualise things that would be impossible or impractical to see otherwise. Teachers can use AR lesson ideas in various subject areas to inspire students to learn and demonstrate their learning in new ways. Explore our teacher resources for more lesson ideas.

iPad with its powerful apps and curricula supports student creativity across all subjects. Collaboration on iPad allows students to work together, providing more opportunities for individuals to contribute their unique talents. It’s also versatile and portable which means students can take it wherever they want to learn.

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With its incredible versatility, the iPad is more than up to any task, and because it's lightweight, you can easily bring it anywhere. Whether it's working on a project, expressing your creativity, or playing an immersive game, iPad lets you do it all, wherever you go.


Apple technology is durable and designed to last with high-quality, powerful hardware, working seamlessly together with software and services. Find out how Township High School District 211 saves $42 per student over four years by using iPads instead of standard Chromebook devices; and iPad provides many educational benefits that cannot be duplicated by Chromebook in the classroom. Learn more >


Apple technology and resources empower every kind of educator and every kind of student. With close to 300 thousand education apps on the App Store, there are so many ways to curate teaching and learning experiences to suit specific needs and learning styles. 

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