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Sciences - Exploring the Cell 💻 HBL Friendly

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Contributed by: Tzer Yeun

Learning Objectives:

  • Students to draw and label various parts of an animal / plant cell

  • Students to explain the functions of various organelles

  • Students to identify the differences between an animal cell and a plant cell

Learning Flow:

  • On their iPads, students download AR apps such as Hologo or iCell (by Hudson Alpha)

  • Teacher provides a tutorial on SLS to explain

- Different features of the app

- How to screen-record on iPad (with microphone enabled)

  • Students have fun exploring the app and learning about various organelles

  • Students are to demonstrate their learning by identifying differences between an animal VS plant cell, they can choose to do so by:

- Making a drawing on any sketch-noting tool / Keynote

- Making a screen-recording of the app with voiceover explanation

  • Students submit their work via SLS / Google Classroom

  • Students can comment on each others’ work and post questions

  • Teacher can challenge students to think further (and address misconceptions as well), by asking questions such as:

- Do all plant cells have chloroplasts? Give reasons why

- Why do plant cells have cell wall?

- Are there any types of cell that have specialised organelles? (e.g. root hair cell, or sperm cell)

  • Teacher can provide feedback to students’ work via comment function on SLS / Google Classroom


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