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O Level Biology: Transport in Plants / Reproduction in Plants [HBL Friendly]

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Contributed by: Tzer Yeun

Learning Objectives:

  • Students to identify and label various parts of the roots, stem and leaf

  • Students to explain how transpiration takes place

  • Students to explain how photosynthesis takes place

  • Students to describe the steps from pollination to fertilisation

Learning Flow:

1. On their iPads, students download the AR app ‘Plantale’ (Free)

2. Teacher provides a tutorial on SLS to explain

- Different features of the app

- How to screen-record on iPad (with microphone enabled)

3. Students demonstrate their learning by doing a screen-recording of one of the following (may be student-choice, or teacher-assigned):

- Identify various parts of the plant and their adaptations

- Explain how transpiration takes place (incl. how transpiration pull occurs in the xylem, how water enters the leaf, and how water leaves via the stomata)

- Explain how photosynthesis takes place (incl. the gaseous exchanges that take place, the raw materials needed, and how the products are transported in the phloem)

- Detail the steps that lead to fertilisation (incl. pollen tube formation, double fertilisation, and seed formation)

4. Students submit their videos via SLS

5. Students to view each others’ work and post 2 comments / questions

6. Teacher can provide feedback to students’ work via comment function on SLS


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