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FCE - Food Study: Meal Planning

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Contributed by Hui Keng Cheong

Learning Objectives:

  • Students to differentiate the nutritional requirements of the different groups of people (young children, teenagers, adults, elderly)

  • Students can plan and modify meals to create healthier meals

Learning Flow:

  1. Create a new Lesson (For SLS, add hashtags #Apple #iPad to make the lesson searchable on Community Gallery Space)

  2. Add Activity Title Fruit Scones

  3. Add Activity Descriptor, Students will modify the given ingredients to meet the needs of the given groups of people

  4. Add New Activity Recreating Fruit Scones Recipes

  5. Question 1. Explain the activity. Teacher to upload an image of the fruit scones recipe, and students are to use Markup tools to modify the ingredients for the assigned/lists of the people. (Young children, diet, teenagers, adults, elderly, diabetes, etc)

  6. Thinking Routine. Students to state reasons for their modification of the ingredients

  7. After submission, students are then to add comments for 2 of other submissions on the “Thinking Routine”


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