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Primary School 


Volume of Solids and 3D Perspectives

Word Problems

(Create GIF In Keynote)

Using the Compass for 8 Point direction

(Compass Deluxe App)

Understand The Concept Of Time

(Tell Time)

Understand Data Create A Bar Graph

Rationalising Measurements

(Use Measure App to visualise and rationalise centimetres from metres)

Measuring Angles with Protractor App

(Protractor App)

Measure Angles

(Annotate On Image)

Identify Line Of Symmetry (Annotate On Image)

Measure Angle With A Protractor

(Create Materials For Learning Journal)

Differences Between Shapes

(Use Geoboard To Understand Perimeter And Area)

Create A Bar Graph

(Use Placeholders)

Create Word Problems

(Use iMotion to Create Scenarios)

Bar Graph Data Representation

(Represent Data using AR Makr)

Area & Perimeter

(Use Reality Composter to cast an AR Fenced Area)

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