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Why does Google and iPad complement each other so well?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

While this hasn’t always been the case, Google has been continually updating and optimising their apps to work better on an iPad, especially in a classroom context. Google apps also tend to gel very well with Apple’s own apps when used together.

It greatly assists teachers in planning their lessons and managing their classes, while the student find it easier to juggle their homework and assignments as well. Even parents will find that there are apps and features available on the iPad which will allow them to monitor their children and support their learning process.

Here are several reasons why we would highly recommend the usage of iPad in conjunction with Google Classroom to facilitate learning for students:

  • Hardware and specifications are amazing

  • iPads last a long time and retain their value

  • Form factor is flexible and can be used pretty much anywhere

  • iPad can serve tons of creative purposes

  • User friendly and easy to use for beginners with intuitive user interface

  • It can be whatever you want it to be with various options and accessories

  • Not locked into a specific system but rather an open path

  • Platform puts students and users into the centre of the equation

  • Streamline process of file sharing between teachers and students

  • Allows parents to monitor the learning progress of their children

These are the main benefits of using Google apps together with Apple apps on the iPad:

1. Multitasking

  • Teachers can use two apps at the same time (Google Classroom and Safari) and have both open and side by side to manage and teach a class

  • For busy teachers and students where time is of the essence, being able to juggle multiple tasks at the same time is makes things really convenient for them

2. Better Together

  • Wide range of Google apps that can work together with the built in feature of the iPad and free Apple apps available on the iPad

  • Google is constantly making tweaks and improvements to their apps to work better on iPad with each update

3. Accessibility

  • Apple products are designed to be accessible by everyone, and iPads have accessibility features built in which allows people to learn in ways that are best suited for them

  • Accessibility makes learning possible for everyone regardless of their personal situations or issues which might affect their ability to learn with traditional methods

4. Tap into the power of educational apps

  • Not a closed system; opens up many possibilities due to the thousands of apps available on the app store

  • Apple offers free powerful creative apps such as iMovie, Clips, Garage Band and Swift Playgrounds that anyone can utilise to create content

  • Pick and choose any combination of Google and Apple apps which work best for you, which establishes a core set of apps which makes professional learning easier

  • Teachers can combine and use both Google and Apple Classrooms together; Google Classroom to assign work and Apple Classroom to monitor students’ iPads

  • Certain apps will allow parents to connect to and monitor their children’s activities on the iPad, which allows them to restrict certain apps like games when they are studying or learning



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