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Teaching Tip: Automatically solve math problems with iPad)S 18

Apple has unveiled its latest iPadOS 18, bringing significant advancements in educational technology. The update includes a new Calculator application featuring Math Notes and innovative handwriting tools in the Notes application, all designed to work seamlessly with the Apple Pencil.

One of the highlights of iPadOS 18 is the introduction of the Math Notes calculator. This interactive feature allows users to type or write mathematical expressions and instantly see them solved in their handwriting. This feature aims to enhance understanding and engagement, which is particularly beneficial for students learning new mathematical concepts.

In addition to solving expressions, the Math Notes calculator enables users to assign values to variables, making it a dynamic tool for classroom learning and budgeting. Another groundbreaking feature is the inclusion of graphing capabilities, allowing users to write or type an equation and then insert a graph to visualize the relationship, making complex mathematical concepts more accessible.

iPadOS 18 will be released in September.



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