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Maths - Sec 2 - Solving Simultaneous Equations using Elimination Method

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Contributed by Grace

Learning Objectives:

1. Students to demonstrate their understanding on the different types of possible solutions given a pair of simultaneous equations.

(A) 1 unique solution: 2 intersecting lines with different gradient.

(B) No solution: 2 parallel lines with the same gradient but different y-intercept.

(C) Infinite Solutions: 2 equivalent lines, with the same gradient and y-intercept.

2. Students to formulate and solve a pair of simultaneous equations (via the elimination method) from a word problem.

Learning Flow:

Activity 1: Inductive Learning

  1. Using desmos app, students will solve the following pairs of simultaneous equations via the graphical method. The Keynote file, as illustrated below will be airdropped to the students.

  2. Students will investigate the types of solutions obtained from the various pairs of simultaneous equations and observe how the y-intercept and gradient of the various linear equations affect the types of solutions obtained.

  3. Students will present their answers as an image using the thinking tool on SLS. They will also be required to comment on their peers answers.

Activity 2: Independent learning for Differentiated Learners

  1. Using SLS, students will be guided on how to formulate a pair of simultaneous equations from a word problem.

  2. Students will watch a video on solving simultaneous equations using the elimination method. For students who already know how to apply the elimination method, they need do not need to watch the video.

  3. They will then be required to solve the pair of simultaneous equations given in the word problem and submit their answers on SLS using the free response option. Students are given the option to submit their answers as a gif, which enables the teacher to follow through their sequence of steps and give appropriate comments.

Activity 3: Exit Ticket and Consolidation

  1. Students will be required to solve a pair of simultaneous equations using the elimination method and upload their answers on SLS as an exit ticket to show their understanding.

  2. Students will be required to complete further practice on their notes as part of their homework using Classkick app. Additional support can be given to students on their work as they worked remotely on the given assignment outside of classroom time.


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