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Maths - P4 - Comparing Fractions

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Contributed by: Masnie

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will be able to compare fractions

  • Students will be able to compare fractions using one-half as reference

SLS Design Map

Learning Flow:

1. Activate Learning

  • Flipped classroom learning: YouTube video to recap previous lessons on Numerator, Denominator, Equivalent Fractions

  • On SLS, students are to answer questions and use Geogebra to look at proper fractions using fraction discs and fraction bars:

2. Promote Thinking & Discussion

  • Teacher to show one-half using magnetic strips and three quarters. Students to identify which fraction in greater and which fraction is smaller.

  • On SLS, use Interactive Thinking Tool (3 columns) to show the CPA approach - Concrete (Students to use camera function to take a picture of concrete manipulatives using fraction bars), Pictorial (Students to draw 2 fractions), Abstract (Students to write and explain how they compare the 2 fractions)

3. Facilitate Demonstration of Learning

  • Students create slides in Keynote to present their understanding of comparing fractions. Then, they can record their voice using “Audio Recording” feature to explain their answers.

  • Files are exported as Movie using Keynote Podcast

4. Monitor & Provide Feedback

  • Students upload their Keynote Podcast in SLS in Interactive Thinking Tool (1 column)

  • Students to view Keynote Podcasts upload and give feedback in “Comments” feature in SLS

  • Teacher to provide feedback in SLS under “Comments” feature in Interactive Thinking Tool


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