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English - P1 - Walking Through The Jungle - Individual Writing

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Contributed by: Amanda

Learning Objectives:

  • To write about an experience walking through the park

  • To use action verbs and sound words to describe what we see and hear

Learning Flow:

1. Create a new Lesson on SLS

2. Add Activity Title (Individual Writing)

3. Thinking Routine (Students to think of possible nouns, action verbs and sound words that can be seen or heard in the park.)

4. Free Response Question 1 (Explain the activity by providing a tutorial on how to download the template, write on the template using Mark Up function in Photos and upload the image file back on to a free response question. Teacher to upload the template within the question.)

5. After submission, teacher to annotate on the same question within Monitor view. (Teacher will need to download the image file of the student, use the Drawing Tool to upload the image file as background and annotate directly before saving.)


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