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Maths - Functions and Graphs

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Contributed by Wendy

Learning Objective:

  • Students can recall and use facts, terminology and notation.

  • Students can demonstrate their understanding of Cartesian coordinates in two dimensions, graphs of linear functions and gradients and intercepts of linear functions.

Learning Flow:

  1. Create a new Lesson (For SLS, add hashtags #Apple #iPad to make the lesson searchable on the Community Space)

  2. Add Activity Title Recognising Functions

  3. Add Activity Descriptor

  4. Watch the video While watching the video, type, annotate and/or add photos via the NOTES app to visualise your learning.

  5. Add New Activity Teacher uploads a screen recording to demonstrate split screen with SLS (on Safari) and Notes Add Question (Submission or Free response) Students submit their completed notes in PDF to the teacher as demonstration of learning.

Note: Free response: teacher must click ‘allow any file format


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