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Make The Change (MTC) is an innovative Social Enterprise that is Empowering and Transforming Communities Through Design.

As a social enterprise, we address the need for quality yet affordable storytelling, marketing, and creative services for the social sector. On the other side of the page, we also provide companies with CSR opportunities through corporate sponsorship in education and talent adoption amongst youths-at-risk. In the long-run, this engagement seeks to widen our web and cultivate a reciprocative culture from the inside out.

MTC also partners with schools to provide a training and application platform for youths.


At our core, we strive with an intent to transform the beneficiaries' mindset from one of a receiver to a giver.

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 10.00am - 7.00pm


30 Merchant Road

#03-22-24 [Office],

Singapore 058282



+65 6337 5449

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