Want to stop repeating yourself in class?

Create a screen cast and let students replay any time anywhere and at their own pace! Learn to set up Screen Recording with voice using iPad in just 3 mins.

Good Old Slides for New Use

Script, Record and Export! 3 simple steps to create a podcast from the convenience of your iPad! Start tapping away!

Marking with Markup

Mark up is as easy as ABC! Learn in less than 4 minutes on how to edit a document or sketch out an idea, all on an iPad!

Animated GIF

Creating animated GIFs for engaging learning sounds too hard? In this quick tutorial, we look at how easy it is to create your own animated GIFs with Keynote. Create it for your Maths, Sciences or even writing prompts for your next language lesson. Let your students enjoy a dash of fun in your next lesson or your most challenging topics!

From Paper to Cloud

Are you still standing in front of the photocopier machines to scan your student’s work? Watch this video and learn how to streamline your workflow by using the iPad’s built-in functions for scanning, marking and sharing!

Look Focus and Shoot

Interested in making your photos look like it’s been taken by a professional? Join David Caleb, the author of Stories through the Lens, who will share tips and tricks on how to take great photos using the iPad!


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